Steel Structures

Steel Structures

The metallic structures are a modern and increasingly widely used way of build. Steel skeletons dressed in shining armor glass, are already part of the landscape of the largest cosmopolitan cities, hosting business, commerce, services, sports, culture and other community activities. Widespread use of this type of construction is due to its main advantages and benefits it brings to both builders and their occupants:

  • High speed execution

High execution speed, precise cut.

  • Simplified execution

Easy assembly, reduced workforce.

  • Versatility

Mounting solution for any type of building

  • Creativity

Solution meet the creativity of architects, giving conventional forms a safe and supple support

You Should Know

Master Build execute assembly of metal structures for all types of buildings: offices, shopping centers, stadiums, industrial, logistics centers and residential buildings. The company also based shuttering floors and welding type connectors Nelson.

Within their own Pitesti factory, Masterbuild produce secondary elements for metal structures:

  • Intermediate roof beam and wall rods
  • Support structure for photovoltaic panels
  • Resistance structures for residential projects


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