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Residential segment is present in our lives every day.

We offer a complete package of services: consulting, design, construction.

We provide complete implementation of roof systems and roof of the best

quality stable partnerships with renowned manufacturers, AHI-GERARD, FINAL DISTRIBUTION-NOVATIK, NEDZINK, BLACHOTRAPEZ, COILPROFIL, CREATON, FIGO, CREATON, ICOPAL, ROTO, VELUX, FAKRO, VIKING accessorized with the latest generation thermal insulation, skylights, rainwater systems, solar panels, photovoltaic panels.

Energy effciency is a standard that customers found the costs of exploitation which in long-term return on investment.

Consistently we apply the principles of sustainability.

The company's management capitalizes great oportuntăţi through proactive management.

GERARD metallic tile

After more than 50 years, AHI roofing produced the first textured metallic tile in the world and has remained the pioneer of this technology. Today, Gerard tiles are made of steel covered with a layer of Zincalume that provide resistance up to 9 times higher than galvanized steel.


Seam metal roofing

Traditional appearance of seam metal roofing offers free craters architects for their projects, because the material to adapt to any type of roof or facade. By closing double seam, profiles creates distinctive lines and shadows.


METIGLA Metalic tile

0.5 mm steel is corrosion protected by zinc 275 g / sq m. Time for life is 50 years. Resistance to wind, rain to heavy snow, fires and even earthquakes. It is easy weighs 5 kg / sq m. A range gama of RAL colors.


CREATON ceramic tile

Creaton Company has an experience of 125 years in manufacturing tiles. It is the most advantageous solution for achieving a roof safe, durable and esthetically.

NOVATIK metallic tile

Novatik metallic tile is the first small metal tile panels produced in Romania. Colofer coated steel, trademark Voest Alpine, with a thickness of 0.5 mm and protection of Mg Zn 120 g / m.

Novatik profile is distinct modules and ensures high stability of the entire roof.


Covers with Brazilian Slate

Slate is a metamorphic, microcrystalline and homogeneous rock, formed in millions of years under the influence of pressure and temperature exerted on clayey shale either from the bottom of the oceans or from the "mountainous muddy mud".


  • With high density and hardness material Brazilian slate has a remarkable impact and abrasion resistance.
  • Due to its physico-chemical composition, Brazilian slate has a high chemical inertia, with extreme light resistance, any chemical attack or pollutant emissions from the atmosphere.
  • Being practically totally unpolluted, the Brazilian slate tiles make a completely waterproof roof. Slate can be used on roofs with very low slopes.
  • The very low expansion coefficient of Brazilian slate makes it particularly resistant to frost and heat shock.
  • Provides protection against any type of radiation.
  • They have great resistance to fire.
  • The shelf life of slate roofs is at least 75 years.

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