Residential Construction

Sheet anti condensation and vapor barrier

The vapor barrier is designed to prevent air circulation from the inside out and limits the amount of vapor carried out.

Sheet anti condensation film arrived in the insulation layer to emerge as rapidly outward and prevent condensation that would affect the thermal insulation. At the same time prevents the penetration of condensation that may form under the covering and the insulation layer.

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Thermal insulation

German-ISOCELL technology, comfort of a natural insulation.

ISOCELL is a cellulose fiber insulation material. It is used in new construction or renovations, attics, floors, exterior and interior walls, insulation of facades, bolilere etc. With ISOCELL insulation can be filled the tightest spaces and cracks, so you get a seamless insulation mattress without loss of caldura.Isocell has barrier effect against humidity in terms of construction physics.

ISOCELL is not toxic does not contain any harmful substances.